Superior Gas & Equipment Co., Inc.   Since 1940 

Established in 1940, Superior Gas & Equipment Co., Inc. (SUGECO) is now one of the  leading producers and distributors of highly technical gases such as Medical and Technical Oxygen, Compressed Air, Hydrogen, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Argon.

Sugeco’s first oxygen plant was put up in 1941 and from 1944-1947, additional two oxygen plants and a portable plant were commissioned.  In 1947 the acetylene plant was also established.  Sugeco also pioneered in the production of Carbon Dioxide in 1947 with the establishment of its Carbon Dioxide plant to supply the needed requirements of Pepsi Cola in its soft drink production.   In the same year, Hydrogen Plant was also put up.  This was replaced in 1983 with a bigger capacity.   In the early 1990’s the company embarked into a modernization program to meet an emerging competitive market.   It was also during this period  that the company went instead into refilling activities to support its gas market.

 "To become the leading producer of compressed gases and commit itself in  providing excellent services geared towards total customer satisfaction."